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Family Issues Requiring Criminal Defense | Topham Family Law, PLLC

Sometimes family issues can boil over and lead to criminal charges. Our firm has experience defending against all types of criminal offenses. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, we will analyze the facts of your case and prepare the best legal defense possible. Some common charges that may arise from family disputes are:

Protective Order Violations

If you have violated a protective order, whether intentionally or due to a misunderstanding, it is important to have an effective defense prepared. If you are convicted of violating this type of order it could have serious negative repercussions on things like your ability to see your child in the future, or it could even land you in jail. Let us help you through this emotionally charged legal situation.

Criminal Domestic Violence Charges

When emotions run hot, people sometimes react poorly. If you have been accused of domestic violence, it is absolutely critical that you have the right defense in order. Some spouses will file false charges of domestic violence to attempt to strengthen their position in a divorce or child custody case. If that is the situation you are facing, we can help you to find the right defense.

If you have made a mistake and acted violently to your family, we can help to minimize the legal impact and recommend options for getting you the help needed to ensure this type of thing doesn’t happen again.

Juvenile Delinquency Defense

There is a fine line between ‘kids will be kids’ and juvenile delinquency, and sometimes that line has more to do with whether the child was caught in the act. If your child has been charged with juvenile delinquency of any type, we can help. We’ll dig into the facts surrounding the case, and craft the most effective defense possible. These types of charges can negatively affect a child’s life for years to come, and we’ll work hard to prevent that from happening.

Juvenile Dependency Parental Defense

If you are accused of abusing or neglecting your child, the Department of Child and Family Services may initiate an action or present supported findings against you in Juvenile Court, even if a criminal action is not filed. We can assist every step of the way by challenging the findings and seeking the best outcome for your case.  

Juvenile Protective Orders

Occasionally, a parent may seek a juvenile protective order against another parent if there are allegations of abuse. If a juvenile protective order has been filed against you, we can assist you in defending against the protective order.

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Facing a criminal charge of any type can be terrifying, especially when it is related to family. If you have been arrested or had a warrant served, make sure you contact us immediately. Fast responses are critical in these situations, so don’t delay.